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Autoform has been part of the Viper community since the beginning. We attended the very first Viper Owners Invitational back in 1994, there we debuted our first "Double Bubble" hardtop and windows. We also were there when Skip Thomas started the Viper Days series, and we continued to support the series as the Official Track Support team of the series, and through our innovating and creating of new safety and race products for the cars, that are still widely used in Club Racing to this day.

Our years of experience manufacturing product for the Viper coupled with the origins of the company, which was classic car restoration, makes us the perfect choice to return your car to its former glory. Whether it's minor paint repair, or a complete car restoration, we have the ability to restore your Viper's pedigree as "America's Supercar".

Below are the services we offer, to help restore your car

- Expert Fiberglass Repair

- Complete Body Finishing and Paint Facility, with Factory-Current Finishes

- Component Restoration

- Suspension Detailing

- Electrical Systems Repair and Restoration

- Interior Trim Repair and Upgrades

Please contact us with questions about having your classic Viper restored

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