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SRT AF-X Canards - Upper

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Price with discount: $195.00
Sales price without tax: $195.00
Sales price: $195.00


The Upper set of dive planes to go along with the AF-X splitter. These pieces help add downforce to the front opf the car, along with the splitter.

The canards also help add more of a raw racing look to your car.

In the "notes and special requests" section of the shopping cart please list the the color of your car, stripes if necessary and be sure to include both the year and engine of your vehicle. Also list other requests you may have. Email or call us with any questions.

NOTE: Because we offer a large array of products, with highly-varied production times, the amount and type of products ordered week-to-week lead to fluctuating production times. Because of this, we do not offer a specific production and shipping schedule (except in specific pre-determined circumstances). Every effort will be made to adhere to our traditional approximate 2-month production timeline.


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