Retro Fit Functional Super Shaker Kit

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Sales price: $1,025.00


If you already own an AF Shaker system and want to install a Magnuson Supercharger this is the kit you will need.

Kit includes:

- A new Shaker base that will work with a Magnuson Supercharger.

- An adapter bracket to give you the ability to use your current AF shaker mounting bracket with a Magnuson Supercharger.

- An additional K&N Air Filter for additional air flow needed for supercharged cars.

- A cut-template so you can trim your current shaker scoop to work with the new supercharger base.

- Patch Panel to be used to convert your current hood to allow for the extra clearance needed for the new supercharger base.

- For 5.7 and 6.1 models only

In the "notes and special requests" section of the shopping cart please list the the color of your car, stripes if necessary and be sure to include both the year and engine of your vehicle. Also list other requests you may have. Email or call us with any questions.

***This kit only works with Magnuson Superchargers.


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